‘Just Write’

In one of my high school English classes, our teacher had everyone keep a journal. Usually once a week, the first 7-10 minutes of class was to write something. What we wrote never mattered, we just had to get sentences on paper. Our teacher encouraged the idea of writing for fun – getting pen (or at the time, HB pencil) to paper and writing what was on our mind. Of course, what came out was often unorganized, all over the place, and often grammatically incorrect. But it was fun. An outlet for creativity.

When I considered starting a blog, I always found myself at a loss when thinking of what to write about. I knew I loved talking science, whether it was related to my research field or not. I also enjoy talking with other graduate students about the experiences – shared and unique – that we’ve had. But that hurdle of thinking of a topic was a major stumbling block. I had the fortune to talk to some people who maintain their own science blogs (Eat, Read, Science and The Intestinal Gardener), and the advice on starting a blog was always “just write”.

My motivation in starting this blog is to rediscover the idea of ‘writing for fun’, but also to communicate science and the graduate student culture behind it. I’ve often had to field the question from my family and non-science friends of ‘what does a graduate student do’. Hopefully, with this blog I can help paint that picture for the general public, and maybe for the next generation who are considering that path.

I will also be talking about science, in particular, infectious disease and microbiology. Some of the best times I’ve had in graduate school have been when talking science with my colleagues and friends, and when trying to explain cool science things to a general audience. Hopefully, this blog can be a vehicle to share the enthusiasm I have about science.

*Please bear with me as the blog’s look and content evolve over the next little while.

Bonus: I also enjoy podcasts, and am probably listening to one (or an audibook) whenever a post goes up, so I’ll list whatever that is at the end of each post. In case anyone is looking for something to listen to.

Currently listening to: Radiolab – One Vote


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