Sigma factors and gene transcription at Canadian Science Publishing

I recently wrote a blog post for Canadian Science Publishing about a recent review published in the Canadian Journal of Microbiology. The review from Davis et al. summarizes recent findings on the function of the sigma factor. A key component of bacterial transcription machinery – the stuff that turns DNA into RNA (hellooooo central dogma).

Find the blog post here: A primer on sigma factor regulation of gene expression

As for this blog, don’t worry, more content is on its way soon!

Podcasts I’ve been listening to:

Archive 81 – Sci-fi podcast about a mysterious set of audio recordings, their archivist, and the weird corporation behind it all. Season 2 debuted on January 18.

Stuff You Should Know: How Soylent Works – Latest episode in the wonderful SYSK series. This talks about the meal replacement drink Soylent (which IS NOT people).


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