Bell Let’s Talk Day

Today in Canada is Bell Let’s Talk Day, an annual event to raise awareness for mental health.

Mental health in graduate school is a big deal but often overlooked. For Bell Let’s Talk Day, here are a few interesting reads on the topic. 

Mental Health in higher education by The Guardian
The awful cost of a PhD by Jennifer Walker
Paying grad school’s mental toll by Carrie Arnold
This is your mind on grad school from The Berkeley Science Review

The list of articles goes on and the internet is a wealth of stories on this topic. What it comes down to, is that mental health issues in grad school are more common than you might have thought –  they’re downright normal. If you get those feelings of depression and isolation, don’t forget that you’re not alone and there are people everywhere who are willing to help.

Take a moment and look up the contact information for mental health services where you are. If not for yourself, maybe for a friend or colleague down the road.

Break the silence. End the stigma.

To learn more about Bell Let’s Talk Day and how you can get involved today, click here.


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